Travelling with Children

Some tips for travelling once you’ve had children. Life doesn’t need to stop once you’ve had children and I’ve wrote a handy guide to help you along the way! 

1. Saving for a holiday with children

The first hurdle you’re likely to face when planning a holiday with children is the expense. I’m often asked how we can afford to travel with 3 children and the answer isn’t always the one people want to hear – Become more frugal with your spending and make the holiday a priority. 

It’s actually easier than you think – eat out once every other week, prepare and make more food from cheaper ingredients rather than spending big on takeaways. Only buy what you need and here’s a big tip – Avoid shopping when hungry! You would be surprised how much you buy when you’re thinking about your stomach.

2. Keep a travel savings log

If you’re having to tighten your pursestrings keep a visible log of what you’re saving with a target to hit. Get the family involved with this so they can get excited the closer you get to your goal. 

3. Fly budget to get a better hotel

Take the short term pain of a cramped flight at a bad time to allow yourself to spend more on a hotel. Having plenty of amenities are essential to being able to relax a little and let the kids off the leash which you enjoy a cocktail.

4. Normalise using a packing list

Avoid winging it and plan way ahead for the things you need. Shopping last minute generally tends to mean shopping expensively. You can get so many bargains by buying things out of season and keeping them for your holiday. 

5. Create an itinerary

Plan ahead! This will allow you to fit things into your budget and will help avoid any nasty surprises. I must stress though, don’t just plan the holiday around your children, make sure you reserve some things for yourself. Pre-planning can help get the children excited about the trip and the things to come. 

Another bonus to doing this is you can make quite a lot of savings, especially if you’re booking several things at once.

Final tip on this topic is to make sure you plan downtime as well, you’ll need to recharge your batteries and the children will tire quicker than you expect. Plan some beach time, or in a local park. Somewhere you can rest and the children will have something to do.

6. Plan for sleeping when on the move

If you thought getting kids to sleep at home is tough then your first holiday away with them will be an eye opener! A 4 hour flight, possible jet lag, sleeping in an unfamiliar room with lots of background noise plus the general excitement of being somewhere new can lead to lots of sleep deprivation!

If you can, take something familiar to your child when travelling, a blanket they sleep with, a special toy or pillow. Something that smells familiar will help.

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