Top Tips For Keeping Your Baby Warm at Night

Learn about what you can do to keep your baby warm as they sleep at night. For babies below one year, avoid blankets and use warm clothes like baby sleepsuits and sleep sacks.

Keeping a baby warm during cold months is one of the most challenging responsibilities of mothers. Mothers must ensure that their babies are cosy and warm, especially when they are sleeping since exposure to cold can make them more vulnerable to flu and cold.

Unlike adults who only need a layer of blankets to stay warm when sleeping, there are safety concerns about using layers of beddings to keep the baby warm. Loose beddings and blankets should not be an option for keeping your baby warm as they can increase the risk of suffocation and strangulation. Below are some tips on how you can keep your baby warm at night.

Dress the Baby Appropriately

The best way to keep your baby warm during cold nights is by dressing them in layers. Clothes such as a baby sleepsuit is an excellent choice as they are easy to put on and remove. Baby sleepsuits also allow easy diaper changes, even when the baby is asleep. The baby can have another layer of clothing below the sleepsuits, and also don’t forget to cover the head with a baby hat.

Regulate the Room Temperature Accordingly

You can use a space heater or any other heating option to keep the room warm, but you should ensure that it is neither too hot nor too cold. The best temperature for a bay room is 18 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. The room temperature is right if you feel comfortable when in light clothing or you can use a room thermometer to check whether the temperature is right.


Sometimes, you can wrap your baby in a swaddling blanket if the weather is too cold. Unlike covering the baby with a loose blanket, swaddling the baby reduces the risk of suffocation as they cannot pull the swaddling material above their head. If the baby has known how to unwrap themselves, you can put them into a wearable blanket when asleep.

Close Windows

Closing windows at night prevents cold air from outside from entering the room. You should also place the baby’s crib further from the outside walls and air vents. If it is possible, the baby should share a room with their parents during their first six months to allow close monitoring for all safety measures.

Cover the Baby’s Hands, Feet and the Head

Since babies lose most of their heat from these three body parts, it is advisable to keep them covered all the time. Ensure that the baby always has a cap, socks and mittens when going to sleep. You should change your baby’s mitten regularly if they wet when sucking their thumb.

Change the Diapers Often

Wet diapers can become cold if there are gaps between the diaper and the thighs. Changing the diaper more frequently keeps the baby warm and comfortable and also prevents the formation of diaper rashes. You should, however, do the diaper change within a short time so that the baby does not lose too much heat.

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