Simple guide to moving out after a divorce

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Going through a divorce is difficult in many ways. The emotional turmoil you may be experiencing is enough to make other necessary decisions all the more challenging. Whether you stayed on good terms with your partner or the divorce was all-around messy and tiresome, it is far from easy saying goodbye to the lifestyle you are so used to. For this reason, this simple guide to moving out after a divorce should help you overcome this difficult time in your life in the healthiest and most pragmatic way possible.

The most impactful realization you will have once you start moving out is that this period is a preface to the first chapter of your new life. Sometimes women feel immense relief because they are getting out of a dysfunctional or toxic relationship. However, sometimes it happens that women experience anxiety in the face of the fact that, from now on, they only have themselves and their families to rely on. In any case, bickering with your partner over who bought the microwave or who gets to keep the family dog is certainly not the most enjoyable activity in the world.

But don’t worry, many have already been through what you are experiencing right now, and everything you feel is entirely normal. We have consulted several experts, such as divorce lawyers, psychologists, and marriage counselors, as well as women who have had to move out post-divorce to collect advice, opinions, and experiences from multiple perspectives.

A woman putting a ring on a glass table.

Moving out after divorce is never easy, even when you are prepared for it.

How to cope with the stress of moving out after a divorce

The best way to survive this difficult and nerve-wracking period in your life is to seek help, even when you feel the urge to be alone. It is vital to surround yourself with people who love you and understand what you are going through. The first step is to reach out to your family and friends. Not only will they selflessly offer you their emotional support, but they can also assist you with all of the practical difficulties of this process.

three friends supporting each other

Your friends and family can offer you the necessary emotional support.

For instance, asking your sibling or best friend to help you with packing will not only shorten the entire process but also make this emotionally draining experience bearable. You will also have a safe space where you can crash for a night or two. Since the process of finding a new apartment and moving out your belongings may take some time, it will be useful for you to get your mind off of the whole endeavor by staying at your relatives’ or friends’ place. This is what most psychologists suggest as the best option once your divorce has been finalized, since staying in your old apartment during the move-out may be too overwhelming, especially if you and your ex do not get along that well at the moment.

Overcome the pain and the stress of moving out with therapy

Another step that you may want to consider is hiring a therapist. Many women sometimes feel that they are entirely in control over what they feel. And it is no wonder. All the things you have gone through over the years have made your skin thick and your mind resilient.

However, sometimes it happens that you may be suppressing negative thoughts unconsciously, either because you want to be strong for your kids or so that you do not let the move get to you. For this reason, it is crucial that you deal with your divorce by putting your feelings into words. When you deal with the move out on a verbal level, it will be easier to fight the emotional, legal, and financial battles with all your might.

A woman talking to her therapist.

Talking to a therapist will allow you to deal with your feelings in a healthy way.

Take only the essentials for the time being

When it comes to the actual discussion about who owns what, some people can become demanding or even ruthless. If your ex-partner would not compromise, the most rational thing to do is be the bigger person and take only the essential things that you need at the moment. This mindset is beneficial for you in a number of ways.

Firstly, you will feel liberated when you move into a home that does not resemble your old one in any way. People get attached to things, and having all of your old furniture constantly reminding you of your marriage may make you sentimental or keep you from moving on with your life. So, embrace this clean slate, leave the emotional baggage in the form of your old couch behind you, and build your new life from scratch.

However, if there are some pieces that you are not ready to part with yet, you can rent a storage unit and keep them safe there. This is an especially great solution for those who want to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, since when it comes to keeping things in storage, you can do it in a sustainable way. For example, you can use glass jars and plastic boxes instead of cardboard.

On the other hand, it might be that your ex is being irrational and that they are merely projecting the hurt and the anger associated with your divorce onto the things that you equally own. Sometimes people cannot reason with themselves in the first phases of the move-out. They may feel hurt or betrayed and succumb to those feelings by being selfish and outright impossible to talk to. However, this is all too human, and these feelings go away after some time. On your part, the best approach is to be reasonable and understanding, no matter how immature you find your ex’s behavior.

a divorced couple sitting on a couch

Although you may find that your ex is being completely unreasonable, it is best if you find the strength to be the bigger person.

Key takeaways

Finally, it is crucial that you arm yourself with patience and courage. Moving out after a divorce will not be easy, but there is no reason to make it more difficult for yourself. Therefore, try to remind yourself that everything will be alright in the end, even in the midst of difficult moments when it seems more like wishful thinking rather than reality.

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