How Long Do You Let a Baby Cry It Out?


As parents to a newborn, getting your baby to sleep soundly all through the night can be an uphill task. It can be very exhausting, especially so when your baby seems to cry relentlessly.


There are a host of sleep training methods available for parents with newborns. One common technique is the cry it out, also known as the Ferber method. As the name suggests, this method advocates for parents to let their newborns cry out for a given period before going in to comfort them.

 The idea behind it is to let the baby learn how to console themselves whenever they stir a little from their slumber. By so doing, it makes it easier for the baby to sleep all through the night without much fuss. Moreover, the parents too can peacefully enjoy a good night.


How does the cry it out technique work?


It is a simple approach that may sound harsh to some parents but, it works in most cases.

The first step would be to make the baby comfortable. You can do this by changing her into some comfy girls pyjamas. While she is still awake, place her in her baby cot and soothe her a bit as you gently affirm your love for her. The next thing would be to exit the room and let her go to sleep on her own. She is bound to make a fuss about it and will probably start crying. You will have to let her cry out for around 5 minutes before going back in. Brutal as it may feel, it needs to be done for the technique to work.

Only go in to affirm your love for her and then exit again. If she cries, let her do so. Lengthen the time interval before going back in by another 5 minutes until she falls asleep. Eventually, you will notice that your baby will have learned how to go to sleep by herself.

 Most babies may still wake up 2 to 3 times a night, depending on their age. For the method to be even more effective, parents should think up a regular bedtime routine for their newborns. As the baby grows older, say five months, full extinction can be employed. Full extinction is where you let her cry out without checking in on her at all.


Important considerations to keep in mind


Before opting for the cry it out technique, first consult with your paediatrician. Your baby’s age plays a big role in whether or not the method will work. Furthermore, ensuring her comfort during her sleep is important. The wrong kind of clothing can agitate her and make the whole process futile. That is why we recommend investing in a pair of quality cotton girls pyjamas for your baby girl. Her health and well-being are factors to be considered as well. During teething, babies tend to be particularly easily irritable. Getting her to sleep on her own might be more difficult then. Finally, be consistent. Consistency is key for the method to work.

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