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Indoor Activity

Planning some fun indoor activity for toddlers and babies can help keep them engaged and active all day. From bubbles to sensory boxes, here are a few fun at-home games for infants and toddlers to enjoy. Make a sensory box. Have your toddler blow bubbles into the box while you read to them. Make sure you have some soft toys that they can play with to help them learn to listen to you.

This is an interesting game where you take pictures and then cut them up and make them look like different animals. You and your child take turns cutting pictures with scissors until there are some animals on each sheet. Take your child to a picture frame and ask her to cut one piece of paper at a time. Put it in the box. The child has to take the picture out and put it into the box with the animals she cut out.

Make sure you have plenty of items to place into the box to get started with this game. Put some items in the box that you and your child may like to try. Once your child is done, have her come out and have fun with it again.

Another activity for toddlers is the coloring activity. Take pictures of the things in the box. You may want to have two or three boxes in which to place pictures. Allow your child to color the picture from left to right by making a small circle on each side with a pencil.

Let your child start when she feels comfortable. It may take several attempts for your child to get started. When she does it is a fun activity for her. If you would like to encourage her to color you could buy her a pack of colors. Then you can have her start from a sheet of the same size as the picture frame and give her the paints in the pack.

Another fun activity for infants is coloring sheets. You may choose to have one sheet of one color for each item. that you want your child to color in her own sheet. This is a great way for them to practice their handiwork skills and use their imagination. as, well.

Another activity for babies is to have them draw something using crayons. You can find these at any craft store that sells scrapbooking supplies. and craft stores. Let them do it until you are satisfied with their work. You can use this activity as a reward when they come back for more.

Finally, let your children play a game of “Simon Says” to see who can come up with the most creative and unique name for each object in the box. This can be a great way to get them thinking creatively.

There are a number of other activities that you can choose from. A variety of toys is available in most stores and online. Just be sure to pick one that are age appropriate and one that is something you and your child will enjoy playing with.

The last thing you can do to increase your child’s enjoyment of playing with the toys is to keep the activity fun going and have the toys around. For example, you can put the balls in a toy box with toys for a dog and a cat and then have a play time with the two of them until the dog falls out of the box.

Try different things for a few months and see what works best for her. Have your child come home after the activity to show you how she enjoyed it.

Your child’s happiness is at the heart of all your activities. Be sure that the toys you choose are of high quality.

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