Hi there! I’m Mae and I luckily became a Mum 4 years ago to a little boy called Jack and last year i had twin girls, Stella and Ivy. Before becoming a Mum, me and my partner Adam travelled all over the world and when we found out we were expecting, we agreed we wouldn’t let having a baby stop us travelling.

Six months after i had Jack, we went on our first family trip. We planned to travel Spain – we travelled by aeroplane and hired a car when we arrived. I cannot express to you how difficult that initial trip was, nobody had warned me about the challenges that come with travelling with a baby. I was instantly put off travelling with Jack but Adam convinced me to try again – that trip was equally as bad!

After around four ‘family holidays’ that were difficult to say the least, i felt like i’d learnt a lot of things that made travelling with a baby simple, stress free and even enjoyable! I decided then to create my blog so i could share everything i’d learnt about travelling with a young child with other parents.

Since then i have gained a huge readership (and two more babies), and constantly get emails from other parents thanking me for creating the blog and sharing my honest experiences and advice.

My blog is consistently growing and i have expanded my writing to not only share parenting travel advice but general travel experiences and knowledge in the hope i can help other avid travellers make the most out of their trips!

You’ll also find some parenting advice nestled within my blogs as all of us Mums & Dads need advice on our children sometimes. From child behaviour to tips on hobbies for your kids – i try to cover all topics.

So there you have it, a little bit about me and my crazy, travelling family.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

There's life after having children and it's my mission to reassure parents and give them ideas and help in discovering what's out there.

Mae Barnes

Mum of 3

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