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Hi, I’m Mae, founder and creator of Mudhutmama. I blog about parenting, children, travel and things I’ve learned bringing up three children, including twins!

Why I started

this blog

So how did all this begin? After having my first child and dealing with the shock to the system, I started to talk with other mothers who had struggled and had nowhere to turn to for advice or help and decided to do something about it. Within a few weeks Mudhutmama was born. Why Mud Hut you may ask? Well my first born loved nothing more than building mud pies in the garden and it kind of stuck!

Becoming a mother shouldn’t mean your children are your life and that’s it, this blog is to help you gather ideas and support.

Mae Barnes,

Mum of 3

Family life

Family life can be testing for even the most experienced mother, we’ve all had highs and lows, here’s some of my stories


Holiday ideas

I love travelling and refused to let starting a family stop me from enjoying one of my favourite things. It takes more planning and there is obviously a bigger cost involved but do a bit of research and you can find some amazing places that cater for children as well. Here’s some ideas for you to consider:


An incredible history along with the best beaches, wild life and nature at it's best.


Something for everyone, and what child wouldn't want to see the Eiffel Tower?


Some of the friendliest people you'll encounter and stunning landscapes to explore.


Find an all-inclusive resort and your children will be in heaven, amazing weather too!


Packed with history and places to explore, fall in love with the winding streets and taverns.


The place for adventurers, perfect for when your kids are starting to want to explore.

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I've really enjoyed the discussion about how to juggle parenting and still have a life outside of your children.
Alicia gregory
Single mum
After having post natal depression reading Mae's thoughts and advice gave me the confidence to travel and regain part of my life.
Carrie Badger
Mum of 2 little devils
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